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Posted by Emily (Residing in: Adelaide, Australia | Home:, Singapore) on 26 October 2008 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

For Howard F. who requested "more, more!"

Lol, i feel a crawling sensation over my skin just looking at them.

close-up shot

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TahWee from Adelaide, Australia

hahaha! very interesting capture!
where u saw this scene?

26 Oct 2008 5:04am

@TahWee: while waiting for the bus in singapore!

bisha from Saitama, Japan

I feel a crawling sensation too! LOL. Hope you had a nice long lens to get these shots, I'm not sure I would've wanted to get too close. Does make a great shot though!

26 Oct 2008 6:35am

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

OMG! I am laughing and having a goosebump and feeling grossed out, all at the same time. I thought ants moving something exists only in cartoons. I hope you keep some distance in the future, these red ants can give you a nasty sting that lasts for a very long time.

26 Oct 2008 7:15am

@Howard F.: hahaha... only in cartoons?!

well, i was leaning close with elbows on the concrete, getting a stable shot. <-- kidding. haha....
Nah, i wouldnt touch where they were and made sure the area i stood in werent swarming with ants. luckily they cant jump

Chris from Melbourne, Australia

Nice two-shot Emily, this and your earlier photo really succeed in reinforcing that creeping feeling that a fleet of red-ants like these evokes - especially the way they swarm around the cigarette. I like the work you've done with the colours too, emphasizing the reds, yellows and greens of nature against the stark grey concrete slab. The lipstick smear is the kind of touch that just lends itself to an object like a cigarette.

26 Oct 2008 9:24am

@Chris: yup, the original shot had pretty washed out colours so i went for the slightly more processed look. and perhaps without the lipsticksmear there wouldnt even this photo! (i suspect that's what tempted the ants)

zOOm from Paris, France

Excellent ! :-) They're really fascinating !

26 Oct 2008 10:37am

Tim from Adelaide, Australia

Argh! They look fierce!
Nice shot Emily! Really cool! :P

26 Oct 2008 1:26pm

Andrew Gould from Sydney, Australia

Even creepier than the first one in the series, and equally excellent! This is so well thought out.

26 Oct 2008 1:33pm

@Andrew Gould: Creepier with the vast number of ants eh? what do u mean is well thoughtout? layout, series, composition?

Rags from Plano, United States

nice image. I hope they did not attack you.

26 Oct 2008 3:44pm

amos from Jerusalem, Israel

Totally cool. I love this photo.

26 Oct 2008 7:19pm

@amos: Thank you =)

Jean-Michel from BRUSSELS, Belgium

Hi Emily,
really funny ! Very nice catch.
Do you have an explanation ? Maybe a little bit sugar at the end of that cigarette ... ;-)

27 Oct 2008 10:21am

@Jean-Michel: i have no idea why they're obesses with that lol.. perhaps yummy smelling strawberry lipgloss?

Andrew Gould from Sydney, Australia

In reply to you above, Emily, I mean absolutely everything is well thought out here! (If not thought out, then you did it instinctively, and that's fine, too.)

11 Nov 2008 10:16pm

@Andrew Gould: i think this was taken at a busstop, and with the bus having just arrived half-way thru my phototaking, it was *snap snap snap* towards e end =) wow u must be pretty busy, replying to old responses ^__^ really nice u do follow up

Olympus AZ-1
1/125 second
ISO 64
6 mm


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