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Posted by Emily (Residing in: Adelaide, Australia | Home:, Singapore) on 20 October 2008 in Architecture.

Told you it was grand. lol...

sephia. experimenting with/learning to see in greyscale.

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chrissy from London, United Kingdom

wow so impressive!! the sepia treatment works well, what is this place

20 Oct 2008 7:05am

@chrissy: part of a large compound of a "temple" in taiwan. really large compound.. various buildings, large ponds, on a hill...

Andrew Gould from Sydney, Australia

This is a great follow up to yesterday's post. Very atmospheric.

20 Oct 2008 11:26am

bluechameleon from Vancouver, Canada

What a mood you have captured here. The overall gold tone is captivating.

20 Oct 2008 12:28pm

@bluechameleon: thanks.. =)

Tim from Adelaide, Australia

Very nice Emily! Nicely put together. You have good eyes on how to put a shot together :)

20 Oct 2008 1:42pm

@Tim: thank you =) haha i just realised i was actually "zooming out" from 1 buddha, to 3 main ones, then the walls, and the entire room.

Lorna from Regina, Canada

Very nice treatment. I find one Buddha soothing, I'd probably fall into a trance with this many.

20 Oct 2008 2:22pm

@Lorna: yup..first instinct was to take overall shot.. later tried to bring up the details (the one Buddha photo). Initially was not gonna post this photo, but thought would be interesting to share the scale of it

hugo poon from hong kong, Hong Kong

Yes, keep experimenting and have fun... Normally I'll hesitate to apply a strong sepia cause the effect is usually a little "distracting" but I'm pleasantly surprised that it worked pretty well here!:-) Great lighting and atmosphere!

20 Oct 2008 2:37pm

@hugo poon: somehow this sephia has a vintage feel to it.. "washing over me" feel/atmosphere.. i've never used sephia too.. thanks hugo!

JJ from Jersey City, United States

WOW that is amazingly Grand i never imagined it to be that large, love the golden tones, creates an interesting feel to the capture

20 Oct 2008 4:48pm

@JJ: yup, one of the biggest temples i've been to.. thanks =)

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

Amazing temple & nice process! Even more amazing is the guy to the left trying to get a steady shot ;)

20 Oct 2008 8:32pm

@Howard F.: lol, that would be one of the teachers who brought up around during the taiwan school trip. it was fun exchanging cameras with him n some other schoolmates to see what photos each other took

Arash from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

like sepia here.
rich in color and details.

22 Oct 2008 9:46am

bisha from Saitama, Japan

Beautiful! This works really well in sepia, such a rich glow!

23 Oct 2008 8:24am

Casio EX-S100
1/13 second
36 mm (35mm equiv.)


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