Into the warmth (2 of 2)

Posted by Emily (Residing in: Adelaide, Australia | Home:, Singapore) on 13 October 2008 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

monochrome to colour.

it looks safe in the v harsh environment.. i'm drawn to the light..

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chrissy from London, United Kingdom

good title, very appropriate, like the old structures andbeams of the building and the bright warm light at the bottom

13 Oct 2008 7:00am

@chrissy: thanks for commenting chrissy!

João Mourão from Amadora, Portugal

The joy of colour. Spectecular photo. Very moody yet disturbing.

13 Oct 2008 8:18am

@João Mourão: thank you.. looks like a dangerous place eh? the lighted doorway draws me.. looks like a safe heavan... but who knows what lies beyond!

Kylie Greenan from Richmond, Australia

It does look very inviting, I like the warm glow from below that beckons you in to explore what is inside. Looks like a very interesting place and very inviting. Well seen and captured Emily!

13 Oct 2008 9:20am

@Kylie Greenan: thanks kylie =)

Photographs by M.E. from Tustin, United States

warm and mysterious!

13 Oct 2008 4:09pm

@Photographs by M.E.: thanks for dropping by n leaving a comment!

J. Castillo from Vallejo, United States

i really like how the doorway towards the back is such a contrast to the rest of the picture. Great shot!

13 Oct 2008 4:39pm

@J. Castillo: thanks J! yup, it's kinda milky n smooth, the light, vs the grittyness

Jasp from Plymouth, United Kingdom

I agree.. it did not look too inviting until I saw the warm glow.

13 Oct 2008 7:50pm

@Jasp: thanks Jasp =)

DaveB from Exeter, United Kingdom

Cool gritty photograph, nice lighting

13 Oct 2008 9:36pm

@DaveB: thanks, i like the gritty-ness too.. kinda adds to the feel for this photo

Richard_Irwin from Belper, United Kingdom

I think I would be drawn down there too.

13 Oct 2008 10:10pm

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

Is this Jiufeng? Take a look at my deja vu shot.

14 Oct 2008 12:56am

@Howard F.: wow, i'm not sure, looks like it may be! it'll be pretty cool if your shot is what lies beyond!
just had a closer look... the side of the stairs aren't the same.. but looks like it cld be in the same area =)

TahWee from Adelaide, Australia

very interesting stairway...

14 Oct 2008 3:01am

TahWee from Adelaide, Australia

seem like someone gg to walk out from the corner and wave at u...haha! creepy! but nice!!

14 Oct 2008 3:06am

@TahWee: lol, so random, a person.. waving?! haha pretty harmless thou, waving..

Lorna from Regina, Canada

I love how the light leads you down.

14 Oct 2008 3:28am

@Lorna: that's what i like too =) thanks lorna

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

Emily, Jiufeng is probably my favorite place in N. Taiwan- the history and the culture. I checked the fire extinguisher and we were in the same area. It is like a maze in there.

14 Oct 2008 4:31pm

@Howard F.: I went on a tour.. many parts of taiwan in 10 days so the places have kinda merged in my brain. reviewing the photos i took that day, was it quite hi above sea-lvl? it had a nice atmosphere/feel abt that place slightly diff from the normal ye-shi..

Andrew Gould from Sydney, Australia

Just like the previous one, this is another excellent interpretation by you of your subject matter. The strong saturation makes this really dramatic. The composition and perspective has mystery to it!

20 Oct 2008 11:37am

bisha from Saitama, Japan

The light at the bottom of the stairs really draws you in. Lovely atmosphere!

23 Oct 2008 8:38am

@bisha: thanks.. the strange thing is my eyes lingered on this photo longer than they did on the actual scene - was in a rush. i guess this photo allowed me more time to appreciate this scene - and others too =P

Olympus u20D,S400D,u400D
1/30 second
ISO 200
6 mm


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