Coloured doorway into b&w (1 of 2)

Posted by Emily (Residing in: Adelaide, Australia | Home:, Singapore) on 12 October 2008 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

Step into monochrome organised chaos.
No editing done to make it "monochrome" - there's still colours there.

Came across this in taiwan. Was this a shopfront/back? A home - but it's too open to be a home.. hmm

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TahWee from Adelaide, Australia

ooh..this place looks messy...but organized at the same time...
hahaha...duno how to say it..

12 Oct 2008 8:41am

@TahWee: organised mess?

JJ from Jersey City, United States

so colorful on the exterior and slowly going monochrome as you go deeper, hence I a great title, I agree with first comment also, my thought would be organized chaos

12 Oct 2008 4:19pm

@JJ: Hee, i was thinkin i line of "barrier" or "divide" or threshold.. cos it seems like a sudden transition but this title was the best i could come up with =) haha i would say, my room's in an organised chaos too...

Andrew Gould from Sydney, Australia

Wow, Emily! This really does look like it's been postprocessed. It seems that the only thing you did, then, was to give it extra saturation so that the contrast between the darker, monochrome looking areas would be even more extreme. Excellent, then!

20 Oct 2008 11:35am

@Andrew Gould: perhaps part of the effect was from my flash not able to reach the interior.. yup i boosted saturation abit.. thanks =)

Casio EX-S100
1/40 second
36 mm (35mm equiv.)


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