Sorbert Orange & Blueberry

Posted by Emily (Residing in: Adelaide, Australia | Home:, Singapore) on 7 October 2008 in Cityscape & Urban.

I love these colours together.

This was reflected on the glass through which yesterday's shot was taken. Quite different cloud conditions eh?

I dedicate this post to my sister! Thanks for following this blog ^__^ The title sounds like somebody's email, no? hahaha..

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Kylie Greenan from Richmond, Australia

I love these colours together too Em, what a capture! A beautiful slice of heaven indeed! Well done.

7 Oct 2008 6:25am

@Kylie Greenan: thanks kylie! always nice to read ur comments.. lol just so happen i changed my blog description to a slice of life yesterday.. and u used the same phrase =)

Masoud Nahali from Tehran, Iran

so great and lovely colors, nice angle selection so !

7 Oct 2008 8:09am

@Masoud Nahali: thanks =) hee i just realised i have an antennae siheutte too

Toomaj from Tehran, Iran

the color tone in background is excellent, truly you've made a nice process to show the conflict between the toughness of the walls and smoothness of the sky..

7 Oct 2008 6:12pm

@Toomaj: thanks =) i didnt really realise that till u brought that up haha.... lucky shot

Laurent from Lyon, France

so we have the explanation of the previous picture.
The sky is truly superb

8 Oct 2008 4:19am

@Laurent: yup, so we have =) thank you

Caaaat from Singapore, Singapore

Heyyos! Cooool :D Sorry I came a lil too late to view this photo on the day it was posted. Thank you!! One of my favourite photos ^^ I have it actually haha, saved if from your card when you came home the last visit!! Take care yeah sis! See you in about a months time (:

12 Oct 2008 3:22pm

@Caaaat: hey, it's ok ^__^ happy enough that u come visit. Hee, this one is better than the one straight from the card if u compare =P edited the contrast n stuff a bit. i forgot u save my photos! Thanks for commenting - made my day ^..^ <--cat.

u know on 11oct there was "caturday" held on Am3 where people posted photos of cats! Kylie Greenant started it. U can go to comments to see other people's posts.

i wonder if you'll get this reply in your email; pls let me know.

Panasonic DMC-LX2
1/80 second
ISO 100
28 mm (35mm equiv.)


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