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Up & Down
22 November 2008

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Coffee Break
12 November 2008

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and more rows (2 of 2)
11 November 2008

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High & Low POV
3 November 2008

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Addie Place Tree
17 October 2008

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Blue / Ride and Fly
14 October 2008

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29 September 2008

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RAS - Ferris Ladder
14 September 2008

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Camel ride
28 August 2008

Recent Comments

hasan on Addie Place Tree
The strength of the wall jutting upwards makes for an odd, but effective counterbalance to the main part of this ...

Yanle on Abandoned
those strawberries... look really distorted!

Sianipar on Into the sunset
Captured so nice ...

katalog firm on Last Sunset in Adelaide, 2009.
great shot,exellent colours and details

Wan on 3 x 3
ok you got me there for a second.of course they are orange peels. what was i thinking...HAHA

Wan on 3 x 3
really??? omg aren't they orange seeds sitting in orange skin peels??? prolly sitting on a glass table which ...

Wan on Moth to the flame [4 of 4]
tilt the right 90 degrees to the right and everything will seem so much easier. can't help it but pictures like ...

Wan on Snow track
for a moment i thought "cookies and cream". like the flaky-ness and chocolatey-ness. somehow it feels like ...

Wan on 3 x 3
this feels like some dinosaur eggs sitting in the light/warmth emitting nest. pardon imagination gets me ...

Wan on Line up
haha i love the idea! and i realised by now you dont really post process your photos much? ...rather leave it the way ...

Wan on Hello, intriguing stranger
she registered stares from 2 people on the street in this shot! makes me very curious on how she looks. i would have ...

Wan on Through the fog.
audit, finance and business is smoky business. Get out people! (though i'm inside -.-)

Wan on Close-up.
now we know toy story was inspired by stickman!

Wan on Liquid light
like how the drain stared at my face when i pulled the scroll-bar down. perhaps a little cropping to throw more focus ...

Wan on Yellow fall.
i like how people bask in the sun on a random patch of grass under a tree...sorta carefree and in touch with nature:)

Wan on Light and music
"what's mine yours, and yours mine" that struck me in a cheeky way. i was attracted to the colours and ...

Wan on Lights along Waymouth St
wow this an interesting shot! if i don't take notice of the right half of the picture, i would have thought that ...

Wan on Jack Sparrow
the lights bathing around her make it looks like she's gonna teleport away to another divide. those sitting on the ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Last Sunset in Adelaide, 2009.
A new meaning to 'bathed in light' . . love this.

alex centrella on Last Sunset in Adelaide, 2009.
fantastic colors and light !

Nick on Last Sunset in Adelaide, 2009.
The snowflakes against that deep red sky is quite a beautiful sight.

Patricia on Last Sunset in Adelaide, 2009.
Wow great shot, beautiful Love the colors

Singapore Corporate Video Services on Just another day of work
Makes for a good film!

Singapore Studio Photography Services on Just another day of work
Interesting composition!

Brian Chen on Light and music
I can feel the music from this image. Nicely captured.

Brian Chen on Jack Sparrow
i agree with the rest, the lighting here is amazing.

Brian Chen on Just another day of work
I love street shots. That guys seems to have that "look" on his face =)

Tamara Tantrum on In the same moment
Very cool! They fit almost perfectly :)

Ronnie 2¢ on Just another day of work
Love moments like this . . so delightfully bizarre !

Lorna on Just another day of work
That is so cute. Great timing. The guy on the right looks like he needs a clown to cheer him up as well.

Benoit Darrieux on Just another day of work
No more pictures here !?!

Peter Knoop on Just another day of work
Funny street shot. Well seen!

Andrew Gould on Jack Sparrow
Amazing light creating a singular image.

Andrew Gould on Just another day of work
Wow! What a lucky moment for you in the street. I'd love to have something like that facing me! Well caught... ...

Benoit Darrieux on Camel ride
again, such a good idea !

Benoit Darrieux on Jack Sparrow
You have very good imagination for tiltles !!

Benoit Darrieux on Just another day of work
Haha, good choice for the title !

Mirjam on Just another day of work
I like the framing and distance. This photo tells a story.

Stu on Jack Sparrow
haha great title! Now that you've said its Jack Sparrow I cant help thinking that when I look at it. Marvelous, ...

zerh on Jack Sparrow
good eye! I love the shadow casted and the nice golden glow.

Damon Schreiber on Portal

Damon Schreiber on Strawberry stains
Mmm... A beautiful graphic image!

Damon Schreiber on Leave flowers, not fines.
Love it!

Damon Schreiber on Jack Sparrow

k@ on Jack Sparrow
Super glow and love how she's stuck within*

Jingz on Jack Sparrow
nice capture like the little sun-reflection

dideban on Jack Sparrow
She is ghost / nice photo

Rags on Jack Sparrow
She looks angelic.

bluechameleon on 15"
A cool capture and varying depth and detail.

hugo poon on 15"
What an interesting find and beautiful capture Emily! Having great fun looking into it and figuring out what this ...

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